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Just a few pics from the last season.  This is just a start.  More pics and video to come as we field test many of our future rods, pro staff, and more.

Sometimes it doesn't matter if
you catch anything!

Fat Late December Crappie

Fat Late December Bass

Striped Bass in the Chicago River??

Mid December.  Stick Fish.  Blanks are strong.

Mid December Gorilla Fishing.

It paid off.

We are seeing more smallmouth further north.
All good. This one is from last season.

Late Season Rainbow

Same spot. Same time. This year.  A little bigger.  Same one?

Early Dime Bright King

Football Rainbow.

Our Tournament fisherman Ryan using the Rodtech Reaction
Crankbait rod in last tournament of the year.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Missouri Bass.  Nice Backdrop.

Florida Wading with the Gators.  

Florida Money Dog

Shore Fishing

Last One of the Season.  Stronger than ever.
Had to chase him a long way.

1st one of the Season

Lunch Time Fishing

Yes,  Bass fisherman can catch them to.

More Lunchtime Fishing.

They are getting smaller but still sooooo much fun.


Kings in Early July? Yes From Shore.

State Record Pickerel?  Probably not but the biggest one I have ever seen.

Big Laker from Shore. 
Local Rivers

We fish the Des Plaines River, Fox, Kankakee, and more.  Expect to see much more coverage on this subject.

We fish for everything.  DPR Carp on the Fly.

Much more of this to come.  DPR in the spring and fall. Bass, Carp, and lots of Pike. Hmm.  Special DPR Rod?

Fly in the nose.  Like catching Redfish but harder.

Deep Lake.  Yep. No one ever takes my picture.

Is this considered fish porn?
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