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Rodtech Philosophy

Over the years as serious anglers you start to realize that many different types of fishing require different gear and tools. You can find some crossover from one form to another but after years of  fishing for Bass, Pike, Muskie, Salmon, Trout, Pan fish,  Saltwater fishing, and Fly fishing we started to realize that the right tool for the specific technique needed to target any given species makes a huge difference. Many manufacturers have embraced this and technique specific rods are now available off the shelf.  But then you realize we as anglers are all different physically and philosophically about the way we use these tools.  You can buy a nice rod off the shelf, but it may still not fit you or your grip style or maybe you just wish it came in a different color to match your favorite reel. Maybe the rod you wish you could find doesn't even exist. That's where Rodtech was born.  


Blank Tech

We are not trying to re-invent the newest and greatest blank material. The variety of blanks available to the custom rod builder are tremendous.  Rodtech chooses the best blanks available from numerous manufacturers to meet the needs and budget of each angler.  We have our favorites but we can help you select the right blank for your specific needs.  The highest modulus blank is not always the lightest, strongest or correct blank for the purpose you need it for.  We field test all the blanks we use.  Factors considered are Weight, Action, Casting Distance, Power, Sensitivity, Durability, and Aesthetics. We also take the time to locate the natural spine of every blank and every guide train is custom installed and tested for load distribution and casting distance. Blanks can also be modified for specific lengths and actions.


Function over Form

We created Rodtech to develop better tools not necessarily existing rods with more decoration.  Each Rod is designed specifically for the individual Angler.  We have owned so many production rods over the years that we loved but just wished the handle was a little longer or shorter, the rod came in a different length,  the grip was bigger, smaller , up locking instead of down locking, etc...  We can custom design the right rod for you with the best combination of components, custom fit, color coordinated, custom engineered, and purpose specific.  It can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Guide Tech

Some of the most exciting advancements happening right now in the world of fishing rods is Guide Technology.  Not just materials but new designs, tangle free, micro guides, and more.  When new guides are introduced it usually takes a year or more before you see them on production rods.  We can start testing them and using them immediately. Make sure to check out the spiral wrap on our Guide Tech page. Once you get used to how it looks you will never go back to standard casting guides after fishing with one.


New Rods

CHECK OUT OUR NEW ROD PAGE.  Current Projects are featured as we work on them.   Keep up on what we are working on now and whats coming next.  We are testing several new blanks, grips, and guide trains right now.

You asked for it.  Triggerless casting rod

Grip Tech

Grip style, sizing, and placement are critical to our custom designs.  We utilize reel seats from every major manufacturer and will help you decide which type makes the most sense for your comfort and the rods purpose.  This is one of the most important factors in fitting a rod to the individual angler. Everyone holds a fishing rod and reel a little differently.  Some people grip to the rear, some grip the middle, and some prefer a forward grip.  We also take in to account casting style,  casting distance, hand size, and forearm length.


Coming Soon

Rodtech In The Field
Photos, Video, and coverage of Rodtech gear and anglers in the field. Some of this years photos are up.  Much more to come.  

Online Store with Menu Driven Rod Design

We ar
e working on an online store for a number of product offerings.  Look for a new future rod line which will allow for made to order rods purchased on line.
Testing Page
We test and weigh everything.  Casting distance, Guide Trains, New Blanks, and much more.  We will make our test data and results available.   Manufacturers are constantly introducing new components that are advertised to be faster, lighter, stronger, cast farther etc...  How do they really compare to existing products and how do they perform compared to each other.  We will help you find out.  We also fish with and field test many of the rods we design.  
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