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Grip Theory

Grip style, sizing, and placement are critical to our custom designs. Casting distance, sensitivity, rod balance, and comfort will all be affected by the style and location of the reel seat and grips. Rear handle length will also differ based on the purpose of the rod. Everyone holds a fishing rod and reel a little differently. Some people grip to the rear, some grip the middle, and some prefer a forward grip. The blank length, action, and guide train might be perfect for a technique specific rod but three different anglers might all need different grip designs for that same rod. Each individuals hand size, forearm length, casting style, comfort, and even aesthetics based on the reel being used should all be considered. Over the last year we have switched to EVA on most of our grips.  It is durable and lighter then cork.  Most of the grip styles shown are also available in CORK.  Other specialty materials are also available for specific techniques.

Down-locking Minima
Up-locking Minima
Minima and ACS

Rear Hand Hold

Mid or Split Hand Hold

Front Hand Hold

We all have different methods for gripping a fishing rod depending on the type of rod or technique required. This will greatly affect not only the design of the reel seat but its location on the blank as well.  

Rear Hand Hold
Mid Hand Hold
Forward Hand hold

Reel Seats

We utilize reel seats from every major manufacturer and will help you decide which type makes the most sense for your comfort and the rods purpose.  This is one of the most important factors in fitting a rod to the individual angler. These are just a few examples of the more popular reel seats we are currently building with.  Many others are available and we will address fly rod reel seats on our future fly rod page.

Fuji Spinning VSS

Very Comfortable and can be installed up-locking or down-locking depending on grip style.  Available with custom Matagi trim and grips.



Fuji ACS Next Generation

Very popular, ergonomic, exposed blank design.  Also available with numurous custom Matagi and other trim pieces.

ACS Std Colors

ACS w/ TiCH Trim Set


We use a number of handle sets from PacBay. The minima sets are extremely light with an exposed blank.

Woven Graphite Spinning

Minima 4 Spinning

Minima 4 Casting

Minima Casting Seat on The Winch

FUJI's  NEWEST SK2 Reel seats

Fuji's most recent offering.  New minimal split grip design. Very light with several options for concealed or standard hoods.  We are installing these on several rods now and will be testing them soon.

FUJI Ergonomic Spinning & Palm Support

These are older handle sets but still very popular.  The Ergonomic spinning real seat is very light and very comfortable. Good for longer salmon and salt water rods.  The Palm support only comes in larger sizes and is popular for Salt water or Musky. The trigger sits further back for people who like to get there hand above the trigger for larger reels.

Ergonomic Spinning

Palm Support Casting

Salt Water

Fuji and others make sturdy graphite reel seats for salt water sized rods and we also use many of the anodized aluminum seats from both PacBay and ALPS.



Custom Painted

Just about all the reel seats above are also available in custom painted colors and finishes.  We get pre-painted seats from suppliers like Mud Hole and Matagi. We are also working on some of our own custom finishes.

Custom Trim

We utilize custom trim rings, winding checks, and thread colors from numerous suppliers.  Standard trim includes black rubber winding checks, your choice of winding color, and two metallic thread trim colors.

Do they make the rod fish any better? Probably not, but from mild to wild we can help you customize the overall look of any rod to fit your personal style or better match the rod to your reel.  There are 100s of thread colors.  Anodized trim pieces are generally offered in Silver, Black, Red, Gold, TiCH, Blue, Purple, and Green.

Titanium Trim Set

Red Trim Set

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