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Current Projects

Come back here from time to time to see what we are working on next.

Handle sets just installed on two new client rods.  Top rod is a 7' 3" medium 1/4 to 3/4 oz fast action.  Bottom rod is a new 7' 6" popping blank.  Extra fast action, med heavy, 1/4 to 5/8 oz.  After handles set up guides are temporarily installed for static load testing and a casting test.

Just tested the 7' 3" rod below.  Very small adjustments after the load test.  We cast test the rod to look for line flow and casting distance.  Under calm conditions, we make ten casts in both directions on our test field and then average the measured distances.  The 7' 3" rod with Tich PacBay minima guides and a hybrid new concept micro guide train averaged 123' with a 3/8 oz plastic casting weight. That's a little better than we did with our 7'6" Long Cast rod with Fuji K-guides. Colder weather? New PowerPro Super Slick?  I see another comparison test with different guide sets and line types coming soon.


Static load test with taped guides.

Test Casting before final assembly.  Even in the Winter.

Standard 1/4 to 3/4 oz 7 foot long tool rod.  This will be a good all around seven foot casting rod at an entry level $150.

Pictured just above it is a new Lamiglas Excel blank.  Available in bass blanks and inshore blanks. We are testing them now. Love the color.

A number of people, including ourselves, have questioned the need for the trigger on a casting rod.  Most bigger salt water rods don't have them but they have a gimbal on the butt of the rod.  Depending on your preferred hand hold, the trigger is often uncomfortable.  We are finding that the more we use micro guides and or spiral wrapped guides, the trigger is just in the way.

Triggerless Casting Rod
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